We aim to provide upcoming talented musical artists the opportunity to brand themselves and expose their craft to the world.

Every month GbeduHour will host monthly competitions that will either be audio or video based. During certain months we can have simultaneously more than 1 competition at a time.

It is completely FREE to participate in an audio or video competition. (Unless stated otherwise on a particular competition)

There are several features that members can take advantage of:

  • Musical Content Distribution 
  • Profile Ranking 
  • Competition Ranking 
  • Spotlight Artist of the Month 
  • Marketing Campaign/Promotions 
  • Opportunity to win Gift and Prize Items 
  • Event creation

Registration is simple and easy, just click on the link here SIGN UP and it is completely FREE to become a member.

  • You must be a registered member of Gbeduhour and have an Artist Profile to participate in a monthly competition. 
  • Not a member yet, click here SIGN UP 
  • Already a member and want to take part in a competition, click here COMPETITIONS

Yes, you can take part in multiple contests within a single month. But, based on our competitive policy, a participant is not allowed to have several artists profiles taking part in a single a competition.

Please if you are experiencing any difficulty in signing up on our website, send us an email at tech@gbeduhour.com

  • A registered member on the site can either have an artist or fan profile. 
  • An artist profile is the ONLY Profile that can take part in monthly competitions. 
  • A fan profile participates in the voting process of every competition on the website, while having limited access to other features on the website.

Yes, you can upload self created videos on the website, by uploading the url of the created video from any video streaming platform.